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Quotes On my son's first deployment to Afghanistan I sent care packages with many items on many occasions. On his second deployment, the only thing he specifically asked for was Eagle Rub Quotes
Eagle Rub Deployed

Quotes I've made ribs for several people since I got my Big Green Egg. I used Eagle Rub and followed the directions on the site. I've been told by more than one of them that they were the best ribs they have ever had and some didn't even want to use sauce they were so good plain. Eagle Rub is awesome! Quotes
Gregg R

Quotes ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I'm currently deployed to the Middle East and Tom gave my wife some Eagle Rub to send me in a care package. After eating the local food over the past couple months I was in desparate need of some good old fashioned American flavor. His Eagle Rub delivered in a huge way. Outstanding flavor! Im totally hooked. So far I've used it on chicken, in noodles, and in some mixed vegatables. Can't wait to try it on steaks and burgers at our next unit cookout! The guys are gonna be just as amazed as I am at how good it is! Thanks again Tom for the taste of home! Quotes
Tim Ivy
U.S. Navy Master At Arms, Task Unit Fujairah, Security LPO

Quotes We use Eagle Rub on everything! Burgers, grilled chicken, fried chicken, fish, everything! It is the only seasoning we ever use and when we had family over for the holidays everyone loved it so much we ended up putting Eagle Rub in everyone's Christmas present! We use the dry rub for nearly every meal for the past year. It is a staple item in our home!! Thanks for the great year of dinners!! Quotes
JB & Kris
Best dry rub ever

Quotes When it's hard to find the perfect gift for that special carnivore in your life that has it all, a selection of meats and Eagle Rub is a hit every time! Quotes
Merry Christmas!

Quotes Most amazing dry rub, and mild sauce i've ever put on my plate. Over this weekend I had some friends over and every single one of them couldn't get enough of the ribs. Smoked perfectly, with the best seasoning (just the right amount of spice) and the bbq sauce perfectly compliments the rub. I couldn't of asked for anything better, I don't think i'll ever be able to eat BBQ at a restaurant again. Quotes
B. Pratt

Quotes I've tried many forms of Dry Rub but Eagle is by far the best. I use on Ribs,and all Pork I even tried it on Grill Shrimp awesome. I tried the New Sauce..... Beats head country...... and I didn't think that was possible........ Quotes
Jerry Burns
More Pork On a Fork

Quotes In addition to grilled vegetables, Eagle Rub is outstanding on many fried veggies, too. Just in case it's time to indulge something home fried, try Eagle Rub seasoning. I've used it on everything from potatoes to zucchini. It's always a family hit! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Over the years I've tried all kinds of seasonings. I thought I had discovered the best in another brand until I tried Eagle Rub products. This Eagle Rub is by far the best I have ever used. The BBQ sauce is my favorite. The rub enhances the flavor of burgers, steaks, brisket, turkey and to my suprise, even veggies. Even though some may say that my opinion is somewhat biased, I am truthfully saying "This is the Best". Quotes
Ronnie Evans

Quotes "WHEN YOU GRILL PUT THAT EAGLE ON YOU MEAL" This has the best taste that I have ever had on a meat. We use it on everything we grill, from chicken to steak it does have that taste that can not be beat. When I have family cookouts or friends over I put this on the meat and I have them ask me what is that taste? I tell them that is Eagle Rub. Quotes
Best Stuff Made